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Graham has been passionate about beautiful and unique pieces, since the inception of Graham Geddes Antiques around 40 years ago, which has come far from its humble beginnings in High Street, Armadale. Graham was formally educated in teaching, and he went on to work with special needs children. His passion to aid and nurture his own children and family was matched only by his hunger to learn and understand the workings of the classical tradition.

Having studied Fine Arts and Classical Civilizations at University, Graham was mentored by acknowledged experts in their fields, a relationship that has lasted throughout his many and varied travels. To this day, Graham sources the best known and most exotic locations, in his quest for new concepts in design. Always ahead of current taste his knowledge ever increasing. He bases his philosophy of life on the teachings of idiom of Ezra Pound and Suger.

“When we were young, I run through fields of azure poppies, with the wind behind me like wild horses to reach the elysian beyond”.

“I suck from the breast of divine wisdom, not those who flatter me”

Graham also has many involvements in China, India and Europe, and is acknowledged as one of the worlds leading experts in Antiquities and Antiques. In his relentless pursuit of his dreams Graham is now extending his vision to others and those who want to join him on his journey.

If you have any enquiries or questions about Antiques or Antiquities, or just want to further your knowledge Graham encourages you to contact Graham Geddes Antiques on 03 9509 8557.