Graham Geddes Antiques graces three unique showrooms, one nestled on the illustrious High Street Armadale, while two vast warehouses in Cheltenham stand as beholders of an unmatched treasure trove... 

Enter the enchanting world of antique aficionado Graham Geddes, a seasoned player in the realm of rare treasures for over half a century. With a devoted following of elite clients, Graham's passion for all things exquisite has crowned him a titan in the industry. His secret recipe for success? Diving headfirst into the realm of unique and opulent pieces, backed by an unwavering commitment to meticulous research.
Even as he eases into his golden years, Graham's magic touch still guides the family business, travelling across the globe in pursuit of extraordinary and unique wares.
Yet, amidst all the grandeur, Graham finds solace in the simple joys of life, lost in the verses of Ovid at his seaside oasis, savoring a glass of Vosne-Romane. Family forever remains his number one.
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