Graham Geddes Antiques occupies three distinct showrooms on Armadale's renowned High St, boasting an incomparable collection.

Graham Geddes has been dealing in antiquities, antique furniture, decorative and fine art for over fifty years, gathering a loyal, and high-profile clientele. Passionate in his pursuit of beauty and knowledge, Graham Geddes is esteemed as one of the world leading experts in the trade.

He credits the success of his elegant antiques empire to retaining a prominent position in the market. He has been able to do so by specializing in the rare and prestigious, whilst maintaining a stringent and thorough research programme for the select pieces he deals in.

Now in his 80's, though Graham has taken a step back, he continues to oversee much of the family business contributing his distinct touch and discerning eye. He travels overseas regularly sourcing rare pieces and carrying out valuations, from individual items to entire collections.

Graham however, is most at ease reading Ovid in the garden of his seaside cottage where he spends weekends with his beloved and a glass of Vosne-Romane. For Graham, family and loved ones always come first.

If you have any enquiries or questions about Antiques or Antiquities, or just want to further your knowledge Graham encourages you to contact Graham Geddes Antiques on 03-9509-0308.